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Virtual worlds and Web3D games.

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WebGL X3D/VRML based virtual worlds, chat places and 3D games. There is a virtual miraculous monastery, Duomo di Milano and Palace Bovara, 3D worlds, soon to be chat enabled. Have a look at TV Republic an outline for MMORPG. Also, here you can play and download fully functional demo for Windows of Qubrix Brain Twister, a rather demanding 3D combinatorics - problem solving - game.

Your browser may not support all features required by X_ITE. For a better experience, keep your browser up to date. Check here for latest versions.

Qubrix - brain twister presents problems similar to the one found in Rubik's Cube (Hungarian Cube). The best description would be to say, it is a mix between Rubik's Cube and Jigsaw puzzle.

Qbrix - brain twister

Web3D consortium
3D Net Productions
X3Daemon MU server
VRSpace - Virtual Reality Toolkit


Virtual monastery
Qubrix 3D puzzle
Virtual Milan, Duomo
Mine Rider - alpha
Virtual Milan, Bovara