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Virtual worlds and 3D games.

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Use links above to play some of logic or action 3D games and to visit virtual worlds. Bitmanagement Contact 3D plug-in is required, enable install when your browser asks for it or download and install it manually, all major Web browsers are supported.

X3Daemon MU server is used for chat. Please, fill below form to register and you will be able to enter Office Towers world where you can choose an avatar. To get back to VR Internal worlds, Miraculous Brightside monastery, Virtual Milan, Palace Bovara, TV Republic etc. use teleport inside Office Towers Entry building.

3D software partner
Bitmanagement Software
Web3D consortium
3D Net Productions
X3Daemon MU server
VRSpace - Virtual Reality Toolkit

video clips
Virtual Milan, Bovara
Virtual monastery
Qubrix 3D puzzle
Virtual Milan, Duomo
Mine Rider - alpha

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