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QubriX Brain Twister - 3D combinatorics

How to play

Click PLAY button to start scrambling sequence. With scrambling finished place mouse pointer over the cube you want to rotate, use arrows to choose direction and put the image together. Try to keep number of moves smallest possible. There are six different images used in random manner, to choose one particular click the same level few times until you get the one you want. You can change the level during the game, if it is too difficult, by clicking the MENU button. At the beginning of the game MENU enables switching the interface so you can see the image better. It is good to start with the first level, all cubes are lose there, to see what it is about and then go to more complicated levels. To see actual connections between cubes you will need full version of the game, see introduction.

About Qubrix Brain twister

Qubrix presents problem similar to the one found in Rubik's Cube (Hungarian Cube). The best description would be to say, it is a mix between Rubik's Cube and Jigsaw puzzle. The goal of the game is to put together the image which is randomly scrambled in the beginning sequence, trying to keep number of moves smallest possible. Current version has ten levels, in each level adjacent cubes are geared to each other using different patterns. Depending on the level, problem can be quite easy or extremely difficult. Full featured version of the game, see bellow, offers level editor utility that enables user to create new or change existing levels, or just so see current pattern, it is possible to make an enormous number of levels. Full version also has possibility to change images, you can use your own, and there is a Save record of course. Great to test and train memory and combinatorial skills, easy to play but not always easy to solve. Few Qubrix consoles are available in every 3D chat world, too. For any bug report, any comment or just to say hi, please use contact form, thanks.

Qubrix on Youtube

Qubrix 3D puzzle
Qubrix full
Qubrix images
Qubrix 3D puzzle
Qubrix - level 2
Qubrix - level 3
Qubrix - level 4
Qubrix - level 5

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